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How to run mobile payments
How to run mobile payments
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With the LawPay mobile app you can take payments on the go and manage your transactions.

To get started, download the LawPay mobile app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store for Android. Log in to the mobile app using your normal LawPay Credentials.

From the homescreen, you can view your transactions and run a new card charge.


View Transactions

Clicking View Transactions shows an overview of all transaction history. For each transaction, the date, cardholder name, amount, and transaction status are displayed.

To view more details of a specific transaction, click on the transaction. On this screen, you can void the transaction if eligible, refund the transaction if eligible, resend the receipt, and view/print the receipt. To do so, click on the to horizontal three dots at the top right corner of the screen.


New Card Charge

To run a credit card charge, click New Card Charge from the home screen. Select a deposit account from the top drop-down menu and enter an amount. To proceed to the next screen, click the arrow button at the bottom of the screen.

On the card entry screen you can manually type in the card information or connect a card reader. If using our audio card reader, plug it in now.

Using the Bluetooth Card Reader

If using our Bluetooth card reader, ensure the card reader is on and within proximity and click Scan for Bluetooth Reader.

Note: It is important that the Bluetooth reader is not connected via the bluetooth settings before the above step. It can only be connected via clicking Scan For Bluetooth Reader.


Once connected, the battery level of the card reader will be displayed alongside a message confirming the card reader is connected. Once the card reader is connected, you are ready to take payment. The Bluetooth card reader supports dip, tap, and swipe transactions. If the first dip fails for an EMV enabled card, you may then swipe swipe the card.

Client Details

Once the card information has been entered, proceed to the next screen to input client details. When all required fields have been entered, the Charge button will be illuminated. Click this button to complete the payment.

For technical specs of the bluetooth reader and other useful information, please see the attached reference guide.

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