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How to process a refund
How to process a refund
Updated over a week ago

A charge can be partially or fully refunded six months after the original transaction date.*

To process a refund within LawPay, click on the Refund button from the left navigation menu.

Search for the transaction needing to be refunded using either the name of payor, invoice number, or date range.


All transactions that meet the search criteria will be returned. Click on the transaction you would like to refund. If the transaction is eligible for a void, this option will also be available. To learn more about the differences between voids and refunds, click here.


A modal will appear on screen where the refund can be submitted. Enter the total amount to be refunded and click Submit Refund.


*If it has been more than six months or If you need to issue a refund to a different card not associated with the original transaction, please contact support.

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