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How to edit your payment page
How to edit your payment page
Updated over a week ago

With LawPay you can edit the content on your payment page. To get started, follow the below steps:

  1. Log into LawPay.

  2. Click the Actions button on the page you would like to update.

  3. Click Edit.


  4. Select Custom Content from the top navigation menu.



In this section, you can rename the Reference field by inserting text into the "Reference Label" field. This will override your Primary Reference set in Settings > Payment Settings.

In the "Reference Field" drop-down menu, you can adjust the display settings for this field.

Customize Text

Here is where you can edit the page Title and Description. For operating accounts, the default is "Invoice Payment" where for trust accounts, the default is "Trust Payment".

The Notes section will appear below your address information on the payment page. You can insert additional information about your firm, include a disclaimer, or even add an image. Below is an example that has a note added.


Customize Contact Information

Any values provided in this section will replace your default contact information. You can also elect to hide your contact information altogether.

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