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Client Management
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Quick Bills, Card Vault, and Invoices all share the same resource known as Clients. This means that clients are synced between these three features.

Creating a new Client

When sending a Quick Bill, Invoice, or vaulting a new card you must first enter a client email address. Once you begin typing the client's email address, the Client Email box field will notify you "No Match Found". After you finish entering the client's email address, press tab to move onto the First Name field.

If this is your first time entering the client's email address, a new client will be added upon creation of the Quick Bill, Invoice, or vaulted card.

Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 9.01.54 AM.png

Creating additional Client with the same email address

Contacts do not require a unique email address, so you can create additional contacts with the same email address where the First and Last Name may differ. This is useful in scenarios where your client may use the same email address for two different companies that are using your services. To create an additional Contact using the same email address, follow the below steps:

  1. When typing in their email address in the "Client Email" field, do not select their email address from the prompted suggestion. Instead, continue typing the full email address.

    Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 12.08.26 PM.png

    In the above screenshot, if a new Contact with the same email address is needed, the user would continue typing "[email protected]" and then proceed to step 2.

  2. Tab to the First Name field and type in the new First Name and then proceed to the last name field.

  3. Once the invoice is sent, you will now have two Contacts with the same email address but differing names.

Note: At this time there is not a way to remove clients after a new one has been added

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