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Nota by M&T Bank
Updated over a week ago

Nota by M&T Bank and LawPay were both designed to support legal professionals by providing business banking solutions and secure online payments, respectively.

Efficiently maintain your firm’s finances and securely accept client payments, all in one unified system that fits seamlessly into your existing workflow.

To integrate LawPay with Nota, follow the below steps:

  1. In the Nota, navigate to settings under "Integrations". There is an enrollment section linking to LawPay. This is also where to find the LawPay settings after enrollment

  2. Click to link LawPay. You will be directed to LawPay to log in and authorize the Nota application.

  3. After enrollment, navigate to the settings page in Nota to link the M&T account with the corresponding LawPay account. The integration will not be complete without this linking step. Nota supports both Operating and Trust accounts.

  4. Once the account linking is completed the details of LawPay transactions will appear in Nota. Users can allocate the LawPay batched transactions to multiple Client Matters in the Untagged Transactions table.

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