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LawPay Chrome extension
LawPay Chrome extension
Updated over a week ago

The LawPay Chrome Extension allows you to access your payment pages and copy their URLs quickly and easily.

To install, search for LawPay in the Chrome Web Store and click the Add to Chrome button next to the LawPay extension. When prompted, click the Add Extension button and a notification will appear that it has been added to Chrome.

To begin using the extension, click the LawPay extension icon in the top right of the browser and click Log In. A new window will appear with the LawPay login screen where you will enter the email address and password associated with your LawPay account.

Note: The initial time logging into the extension will require the session to be validated. This will not occur again unless you log out or remove the extension and re-add it.

Once logged in, you may then click on your payment page titles to open them in a new tab. Clicking the Copy button will add the URL to your clipboard to be pasted elsewhere, such as in an email.

To uninstall the extension, right click on the extension icon and click Remove from Chrome.... When prompted, click Remove.

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