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How to add a payment button to your website
How to add a payment button to your website
Updated over a week ago

Offer your clients an easy way to pay online by adding a payment button to your website. It is a great way for your clients to easily and quickly run their own payments while driving traffic to your website!

To hyperlink your payment page to text or existing graphics:

  1. In LawPay, click Charge.

  2. For the account where you want to deposit payments click Actions > Show & Copy Page Link.

  3. Copy the link in the box that appears. You can now paste this URL anywhere you like.

To add a payment button to your website:

Step 1

Copy your payment link from your LawPay account (as described above or or call our support team at 800-459-5798 for assistance).

Step 2

Select a payment button from our LawPay Button Catalog.

Follow the link in the catalog to download your desired button.

Step 3

Upload your selected button image to your website. Edit the uploaded image so that the URL you previous copied may be pasted to create a hyperlink.

Note: If your website builder does not allow you to create image hyperlinks, contact our support team and we can provide you a HTML snippet to achieve the same result.

Watch our short tutorial below:

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