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eCheck basics
Updated over a week ago

Electronic check (eCheck) payments move funds electronically between two banks using routing and account numbers. By accepting eCheck payments, you are offering your clients more ways to pay.

Opting in to accept eCheck payments

Before you can accept eCheck payments, the owner of the account must activate eCheck within LawPay. Follow the steps when prompted to activate eCheck in the dashboard, and accept the eCheck terms and conditions. Once completed, you will be notified eCheck will be available within 1-2 business days.

Processing Time

The eCheck processing time is 5 business days. For example, if you receive an eCheck payment before the settlement cutoff time on Thursday, you will see this deposited in your bank the following Wednesday. The cutoff time is 6:30 PM CT, and is also the deadline for voiding any eCheck transactions.

eCheck Returns

If an eCheck transaction cannot be completed, it will be returned. When this occurs, the transaction status will change to Failed and a notification will be sent. If you need any assistance understanding a return reason, please contact our support team.

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