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Importing Contacts from MS Outlook

Available in LawPay Pro

Updated over a week ago

This article explains how to import your contacts from Outlook into LawPay Pro using our Contact Import Spreadsheet.

Importing Contacts from MS Outlook

  1. Export Contacts from Outlook in a CSV format

  2. Go to the Contacts tab.

  3. Select Import Contacts.​


  4. Import CSV into LawPay Plus by selecting the Import Contacts button.

  5. Make sure you choose the option marked 'CSV (including Outlook).

  6. Drag the file or click browse to add the file from your computer.

  7. Select the Import Contacts button.​



  • Sometimes Outlook adds a row at the top of the CSV file - you need to make sure the header row is the first row in the file. This includes the row that has the first name and last name).

  • Outlook exports all of your companies and contacts into the same CSV file. When you import, contacts and companies must be imported separately [Contact & Company templates are available here].

  • After uploading, your import file will be placed in a queue and processed within a few minutes. You can leave this page and work on other areas during the import.

  • Imported contacts are assigned to a group named Unfiled. You must assign your contacts to the appropriate groups (client, judge, witness, etc.)

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